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Herbal-Infused Tallow Cream | Nourish + Hydrate

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    What’s In It?

    Grass-Fed WI Tallow, *Apricot Kernel Oil (infused with *Rosehips, *Licorice Root, *Shavegrass, *Astragalus Root, *Comfrey Leaf, *Chickweed & *Rose Petals)
    *Organic Ingredient

    Good to Know

    Use anywhere on the body, but we created this for your face first - say hello to soft, glowing skin!

    Herbal-Infused Tallow Cream | Nourish + Hydrate
    Herbal-Infused Tallow Cream | Nourish + Hydrate
    Herbal-Infused Tallow Cream | Nourish + Hydrate

    Product Details

    Discover your best skin with our *NEW* Skin + Body Herbal Tallow Skin Care Line!!

    The main ingredient is Grass-Fed Tallow from Wisconsin cattle, rich in vitamins A, D, E and K, which promote skin health, repair and regeneration. The fatty acid composition of tallow very closely resembles our own, making it easily absorbed for deep hydration. It also contains antimicrobial properties, helping to combat acne and other skin issues (though some people struggling with acne may have a different experience, which is why we offer a trial size product). The natural emollient properties of tallow leave your skin soft, supple and glowing!

    The other ingredient we include is Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, because of it's gentle nature and quick absorption. It's anti-inflammatory properties can also help soothe irritated skin, and it's also been shown to help improve skin tone and texture. For even more benefits, we've infused our Apricot Kernel Oil with the following Organic herbs:

    • Rosehips: Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, promotes collagen production and brightens skin.

    • Licorice Root: Soothes inflammation, reduces redness, and helps with hyperpigmentation.

    • Shavegrass: High in silica, supports skin elasticity and helps with wound healing.

    • Astragalus Root: Boosts skin immunity, promotes wound healing, and has anti-aging properties.

    • Comfrey Leaf: Contains allantoin, which aids in cell regeneration and helps with skin repair.

    • Chickweed: Calms irritation, soothes itching, and supports the healing of minor skin wounds.

    • Rose Petals: Moisturizes and hydrates the skin, while providing antioxidant protection and a lovely scent.

    Comes in a 2oz frosted amber glass jar with black lid.


    ^FREE SAMPLES include: Foundation (11 shades), Primer, Tallow Cream, Face Balm, Sun Shield, and Coming Soon: Repair Serum & Scrub/Mask


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