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Topical Skin Spray

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    Note from Sarah: This spray is SO gentle, yet very effective at sanitizing skin & clearing things up! You can use as hand sanitizer spray, on eczema, rashes, acne, athlete's foot, etc!

    Description from Briotech: Clinically tested and safe for skin! The perfect cosmetic solution to soothe and support your skin. Based on the science of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), this highly-effective, electrically charged signaling solution mimics the essence of your body's natural defense system. Soothe sensitivities, minimize imperfections, and support against irritation. Good for wherever you have skin, head to toe, and suitable for sensitive skin!

    • Dermatologist Approved
    • Calm redness and itch
    • Gentle & vegan ingredients
    • Free of alcohol, oil, and parabens
    • Soothe skin, scalp, feet, & post-procedure

    8oz product - comes with spray top

    What’s In It?

    Pure Hypochlorous (BrioHOCI), Electrolyzed Water, Sodium Chloride (NaCl)

    Good to Know

    Shake lightly & apply 3-5 sprays to bare skin, morning and night. Blot or air dry. For best results, repeat use throughout the day. Continue use 2x daily for maintenance.

    *This solution is biodegradable & environmentally safe. No special disposal considerations or handling precautions required. Please recycle bottle.

    Topical Skin Spray
    Topical Skin Spray
    Topical Skin Spray
    • Made in Usa

    • Clean Ingredients

    • Recyclable Materials

    • Fast Shipping