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Earthley Wellness

Infant Tummy Relief

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Description by Earthley: We have created the perfect solution for babies struggling with gas pains, bloating, the hiccups, and general tummy discomfort. Diet changes, leg bicycling, and tummy massage are helpful, but sometimes you just need your baby to feel better now. That’s why we created Infant Tummy Relief! 

Our herbal tincture combines fennel to soothes upset tummies and ginger to support gut health. Both of the herbs help to relieve the hiccups too! Lastly, we add catnip for its natural calming effect. This product is safe in small amounts for the youngest of babies, but can be used at any age to relieve stomach-related problems. This is a great natural alternative to OTC medications that only cover up symptoms and bring worse side-effects. 

1oz bottle with dropper.

What’s In It?

Ginger root*, Fennel seed*, Catnip*, Vegetable glycerin*, Filtered water
*Certified organic ingredients

Good to Know

Ages 0 – 12: 2 – 5 drops, Ages 1 – 5: 5 – 10 drops, Ages 6 – 12: 10 – 20 drops, Ages 13+: 20 drops (1 dropper)

May be used for other types of tummy upset or indigestion.

Infant Tummy Relief
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