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Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen Unflavored

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    What’s In It?

    Brazilian pasture raised bovine hydrolyzed collagen (from cow hides)

    Good to Know

    Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen is virtually tasteless and easily dissolves in hot or cold liquids, meaning there really is no wrong way to use it. If you want to increase the collagen in your diet (and who wouldn't?) simply mix a scoop (11g) into water, juice, tea, or a smoothie. You will not taste it, but your body will feel it!
    The fill line is at the scoop's handle.

    Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen Unflavored

    Product Details

    Note from Sarah: I add this into a cup of my coffee or tea daily and it dissolves beautifully and does not affect the taste at all! I love knowing it's been through extensive testing to be sure it's ultra pure, and glyphosate free is HUGE! Also, 60 servings per container makes this collagen a bargain :)

    Description by Perfect Supplements: Your Search For The Best Collagen On The Planet Ends Here! We know, that is a very bold statement. After all, there are a number of good collagen supplements on the market, but why settle for good, when let's face it - you deserve the best! Only The Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen Provides:

    • 100% Hydrolyzed Collagen (11 grams of Collagen per serving)
    • Sourced EXCLUSIVELY From Brazilian Pasture Raised (Grass Fed) Cows
    • 100% Natural and Pesticide and Hormone Free
    • Non-GMO
    • Lactose & Dairy Free
    • Low Molecular Weight For Easy Absorption
    • High Bioavailability
    • Free of Pesticides, Hormones, Chemicals and Contaminants
    • World's First Certified Glyphosate Residue Free Collagen (learn more) - Full Lab Testing Right Here 
    • Contains Type I & Type III Collagen
    • Easily Mixes in Any Liquid - Hot or Cold
    • Lab Tested With Proof of Purity
    • Silver Level Green America Certified Business
    • No Fillers of Flow Agents - Just Pure Collagen
    • 60 Servings Per Bottle, 660 gram container (approx. 1.5 lbs)
    • Looking for Collagen That Gels? Try our Perfect Bovine Gelatin.
    • The Only Collagen to Receive Perfectly Pure Certification (learn more)

    What Are The Health Benefits of Taking Collagen? If you follow a Paleo or Weston A. Price diet you are very familiar with bone broth. Bone Broth is nutrient dense because of the gelatin that is produced when you cook the bones. Gelatin is just cooked collagen.

    Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and plays a key role in numerous bodily functions. Yes, collagen is important for healthy and youthful looking skin, but collagen's health benefits are not just skin deep.

    Here are some of the potential health benefits of collagen:

    • Improve Skin Health
    • Promote Younger, Firmer Skin
    • Support Joint Health
    • Improve Gut Function and Digestion
    • Keep Excess Inflammation in Check
    • Build and Restore Muscle
    • Support a Healthy Metabolism
    • Keep Appetite In Check
    • Promote Healthy Brain Function
    • Promote Deeper Sleep

    While we love bone broth, it can sometimes be hard to work enough bone broth into your diet. Our Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen allows you to easily get the nutrients of collagen via an all natural, Brazilian pasture raised and grass-fed source.

    This Is What Hydrolyzed Collagen Looks Like: Hydrolyzed simply means that we use an all natural enzyme process to break down the very long chain collagen, into shorter chain Collagen Peptides. Why do this? Because shorter chain collagen peptides, with a lower molecular weight than gelatin or standard collagen is much easier for the body to absorb.

    High in Protein: One serving of our Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen has over 10 grams of protein and no sugar, fat, or carbs. In fact, our Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen tests out at 97% protein - the highest in the industry (click here to verify)

    How Will You Feel After Using Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen? Better! As collagen plays such a crucial role in numerous bodily functions, giving your body a low molecular weight, bioavailable and highly absorbable collagen will help improve your overall health.

    What's the best eating plan? Paleo, Weston A. Price, Vegan, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Low Carb, Low Fat... and the list goes on and on. Diets can be debated to no end, but I think we can all agree that the key to good health is to provide our body with the nutrients it needs to function, repair, and grow. Feed your body the fuel it needs and don't just treat one problem, you increase the health of your entire body.

    The World's First Certified Glyphosate Residue Free Collagen: We are pleased to announce that Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen is the first and only collagen to receive the Glyphosate Residue Free Certification from the Detox Project.

    In order to receive the Glyphosate Residue Free Certification from the Detox Project, Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen had to be tested by an ISO 17025 accredited lab and show no glyphosate residue down to the U.S.’s government-recognized limits of detection for food and supplements (0.01 ppm). After passing this initial test we agree to do spot testing of batches twice a year.


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